UDYOGPRERANA’s Project Guidelines are the Project Profiles prepared for SME Foodpreneurs- want to enter in this sector. Each guideline contains – project idea, process flow chart, infrastructure requirements, manpower requirements, licenses and permissions, plant and machinery, working capital calculations, cost of project and financial projections. Project Guidelines also contains base for machinery suppliers, certifications agencies, government agencies offering incentives and other assistants, packaging material machinery suppliers etc. The project guidelines will be designed as per FSSA- standards and computable to ISO 22000 setup. The processing capacities are decided by techno commercial viability parameters. These guidelines are not Detail Project Reports (DPR) or reports for bank loans.

The data and the technical details are based on the experience of our Team of Consultants. The statistics and related information is taken from various authentic and approved sources.

Hard copy and soft copy is available. Project Guideline is updated every 12 months.

1. Vegetables Dehydration Plant:

Project guideline is designed for multi product dehydration set up. The processing technology is low temperature dehydration method. This set up will be suitable for vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs dehydration- the end products may be flakes, granules, powders, cubes.

2. Spices Processing Plant:

This project guideline is designed to process whole, powdered and blended spices. The target market will be the FMCG and B2B. The set up will be the semi auto with volatile oil retention pulverizing system.

3. Pack House:

Pack house for vegetables and fruits is the basic need for supply chain. This will be the primary processing at village level at farm gate. The basic activity will be cleaning, grading, sorting and packing. The set up will be suitable for multi agro produce handling.

4. Canning:

The project guideline will be focusing on Canning Process. The set up will be suitable for multi agro produce processing. The end products will be jam. Jelly, sauce, fruit bar, tinned V&F.

5. Bakery:

This project guideline will be designed for various innovative and value added bakery products including brade, khari, toast, cream rolls, puffs and cookies. The target market will be the counter sales and distribution network and private labels job work.

6. IQF Plant:

This project guideline is focusing of frozen vegetables and fruits with IQF technology. The set up will be computable for multi agro produce processing. The set up can be the part of Cold Chain.